Professor KHACHIK BAGDASAROV, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Science.


Corresponding Member of RAS Kh. S. Bagdasarov, Head of high-temperature Crystallization Department at the A. V. Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography at the Russian Academy of Science (RAS), is one of the leading specialists in the sphere of single-crystal syntheses. The start of his scientific activity is connected with the investigation of crystallization in the ultrasound field. Results of these investigations obtained further wide application for the purpose of metal items hardening and to for dislocation structure revelation of the semiconductor single-crystals.

Main scientific activity of Kh. S. Bagdasarov refers to the physico-chemical investigations of high-temperature crystallization and creation of original methods of high-temperature single-crystal growth. The main attention was given to the high-temperature reactions, accompanying the single-crystal growth method. This cycle of works was completed with the creations of an original single-crystal growth method (method of Bagdasarov) for the realization of which a series of crystallization equipment was developed that are presently widely used.

Kh. S. Bagdasarov contributed greatly in the formation and development of works in the field of solid-state laser technique in our country. Most of his investigations were applied in the industry. For example, the laser crystal growth technology (including equipment),developed by him, has been transfered to a number of big companies in Russia, Armenia and Ukraina.

Among the developments that had key importance in spheres like laser physics and laser technique the creation of ruby lasers should be distinguished. Kh. S. Bagdasarov supervised not only the construction works of the specialized crystallization equipment, but also series of investigations which allowed to make high quality ruby single-crystal suitable for laser technique. This chain of works included investigations of the real structure of the single-crystals by an optical and EPR-spectroscopy methods, and its influence on generatio n divergency and efficiency. The set of investigations carried out, made the basis for creation of solid-state lasers in the country and permitted execution of unique experiments, such as laser location of the Moon, long distance measures and diagnostics of the plasma.

Kh. Bagdasarov was the one to solve the synthesis problem of highly perfect, big size laser crystals of Yttrium-Aluminum Garnet doped by Neodimium ions. In reference with this task the following ones were also developed: new method of refractory single-crystal growth with the corresponding crystallization equipment that were successfully applied not only for the Yttrium Aluminum Garnet single-crystal growth, but also for the growth of highly perfect leucosapphire single-crystals,and the synthesis of the Yttrium-Erbium-Aluminium single crystal.

Wide search for new crystals for laser technique carried out by Kh. Bagdasarov lead to the discovery of Yttrium ortho-Aluminate single-crystals,doped by Neodymium ions that are distinguished by their polarized laser radiation. A number of countries (Japan, France, Switzerland, South Korea, Bulgaria) have acquired licenses and equipment of Bagdasarov method. The Laboratory of high-temperature crystallization founded by him at the A.V. Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography of the RAS in 1964 has grown into a big Department solving fundamental and applied tasks.

In the recent years Kh. Bagdasarov is involved in the successful solution of the fundamental task of synthesis of especially big single-crystals (weighing several dozens and hundreds of kilograms). This problem is of great interest for various directions of specific techniques, power optics, quantum electronics, microelectronics and computer engineering. Besides, the solutions of indicated problems open wide perspectives in application of the refractory single-crystals in many directions of instrument industry and construction science of materials.

Kh.S.Bagdasarov pays great attention to the scientific-organizational work, as well as preparation and growth of the scientific specialists. He has published six monographs, more than 250 scientific works and has received more than 100 inventors certificates.

Kh.S.Bagdasarov takes an active part in scientific-propaganda work. He had a great number of speeches in public with lectures on invitations of leading scientific and scientific-research centers in many countries, including USA, Japan, China, South Korea, Syria, France, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Bulgaria,etc.

For his outstanding contribution in the development of the science on crystals Kh.S.Bagdasarov has been twice honored with State Prizes.


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