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Presently in the world the tendency of high-temperature crystallization develops in two direction :

  • Creation of methods of search for new refractory single crystals of wide-range application.
  • Development of highly perfect, large and especially large-size single crystal growth. This direction, as a rule, is associated with large-size crystallization equipment not only the problem of high perfection is solved but also the problem of single crystal mass production by economically profitable schemes (specific consumption of energy and accompanying materials essentially decreases). To solve this problem the Bagdasarov method seems to be the most prospective. That is why:
  • In 2005 we founded BCG (Bagdasarov Crystal Group) which uses the Bagdasarov method of crystal growth (Horizontal Directed Crystallization HDC) which allows to obtain homogeneous single crystals of very large size.

Considering the development tendencies of the world market, our company develops in two directions;

  • Creation of a new generations large-size crystallization equipment for single crystals growth, based on the Bagdasarov method
  • Development of advanced technologies for manufacturing of highly perfect and especially large-size sapphire, YAG, silicon and other single crystals.

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